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2016 - 2017 VW Golf Reliability


I would like to go back to a manual transmission car. I was considering a 2016 VW GTI but I’m leery of the 245/40/18 tires for daily driving. I found a 2017 Golf Wolfsburg Edition with a manual and 16" tires (205/55/16). It’s less expensive, has lower mileage, and better equipped than the GTI.

Anyway I don’t know anyone that has a late model VW. Did VW fix the oil consumption issues with the 1.8T? Does the 1.8T have a timing belt or chain? From my research I believe it has a chain, but I’m not a 100% sure. Anybody from NJ have experience with Autolenders used car dealerships?

Thanks in advance,

Ed B.

Hi @edb1961, I’m in South Jersey and I have two friends that have bought cars from Autolenders, a Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry. Both were pleased with the experience. I can’t offer anything positive or negatives about VW as I have no experience with them.

In Croatia, we have many Golf cars from this period and so far they are good. Many people recomend it.

For 2016 the 1.8L CXBB engine uses a chain from what I see. Seeing recalls on the suction pump (evap system) and camshaft lobe fracture. 2017 version of that engine also uses a timing chain, nothing noted abut the camshaft but there’s some sort of problem with the evap system solenoid valve, looks minor. All engines available for this car look to be turbo designs, so plan to expect some extra maintenance and repair expenses for the extra acceleration boost you’ll get.

CR says 2016 overall below average reliability; noises/leaks the worst area. 2017 above average. 2018 much below average.

How about a Mazda3 or a Civic with a manual?

These will be too boring for the guy who likes to get a wrench in his hands once in a while… :slight_smile:

On the actual question, my coworker bought a new mid-trim Passat last year for under $20K since VW discount their outgoing model year cars like crazy in September/October, might be a good chance to get something new with full warranty.

I am waiting end of award game with main award: new Honda Civic. Maybe I will be a winner.

To all,

Thanks for the suggestions, the Golf at the local Autolenders was already sold so I didn’t get a look at it. I did business with the same dealer and salesman for 25 years but that dealer closed a few years back. I’m leery of the other car dealers in the area (Atlantic City area) and Autolenders’ prices don’t seem too outrageous and they have the most manual transmission cars of the local dealers. I’ll keep looking but I’m in no hurry.

Again thanks,