2015 Volvo XC60 - Won't take a full tank

I own a 2015 Volvo XC60 T6. The last couple of months when I go to add gas to the gas tank, it will stop adding way before the tank is full. This happens regardless of how empty the tank is to start. I am worried that there is a kink or some other blockage of the line. How can I check this?

Someone needs to check for a restriction in the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system.

This system allows the fuel tank to vent as fuel is being added.

If the fuel tank can’t vent, pressure builds in the fuel tank and forces the gas nozzle to shut off.



There is a vent hose that may be stopped up, but that requires some dis-assembly to check.

Most people insert the nozzle in as far as they can and sometimes this can make the nozzle shut off a little more sensitive. Try backing the nozzle out about a quarter inch where it tends to change the angle the nozzle sits at. Sometimes that is all that is needed.

Edit: @Tester just posted a very good diagram. If you look at the main hose where gas goes into the tank, right above it is a small hose running parallel to it that allows air pressure to escape while gas is filling the tank. Sometimes a bug or spider gets into the top of this vent and plugs it up causing gas to back up the filler tube because air can’t escape. But try repositioning the nozzle first, it doesn’t cost anything to try that.


Thanks! I have tried putting in the nozzle in different depths and that doesn’t seem to help. That is why I am worried about a kink or blockage. What I have been able to do is set the flow at a slower flow rate and that seems to work okay. If there is a blockage or kink, do I need to get it fixed right away? Is it dangerous to have this problem?

I’m not sure if it’s dangerous, but it sure sounds annoying. The problem may get worse over time, and one day you may not be able to get any gas in your tank. Probably on the worst day possible, like when you’re already late for work.

Personally, I also prefer all of my car’s systems involving highly flammable gasoline to work properly at all times.

I’d take it into the shop and get it looked at ASAP myself.

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Not dangerous, just really annoying!