2015 Volvo XC60 - Burning oil

Oil light came on, no oil was in my car, the oil is not leaking why is it burning oil

Dipstick can show no oil but there maybe some in crankcase,
Red oil light is not good though

It would help to know how much oil you had to add to reach the full mark . Now is the time to do what you should have been doing , that is check the oil level at least once a week until you have an idea how much oil is being used .

Are you sure it is not leaking?

2011-2016 Volvo S60, S80, V60, XC60, XC70 Oil Issue | Cars.com

No leaks I park in the garage no oil stains

It’s normal for some oil to get burned in even a new engine. How much depends on the engine. My older Corolla & Ford truck, each lose about one quart in 5000 miles. Modern cars tend to lose oil faster as much as one quart in 500 miles. This is partly b/c the manufacturers are trying to design the engine to maximize the mpg rating, spec’ing lower viscosity oils etc. Many manufacturers are also tending to increase the recommended mile interval between oil and filter changes. That combination — faster oil loss and more distance between recommended changes – is why it is necessary for the owner to check the oil level frequently.

Ray M (Car Talk Radio Program co-host) has recently posted an oil-loss related weekly column, available by clicking “Car Talk” upper left this page. Suggest OP read what Ray has to say.

The oil control rings are stuck in the pistons, there are several service bulletins instructing to replace the piston rings to correct the problem.

Volvo Oil Consumption Class Action Blames Piston Rings | CarComplaints.com