2015 Toyota Prius c - Maintenance worries

looking at purchasing a 2015 prius c. Wondering about any concerns with maintenance of the vehicle?

That info will be in the owners manual .

Go here… carcomplaints.com

Pay an independent mechanic -usually around $100 - to check the car out before you lay out any cash. If the seller will not let you do that, walk away. Plenty of other cars out there

Are you worried that the particular one you’re looking at wasn’t maintained properly? No way for us to tell. Please let us know more about your concerns.

The Prius C was the ‘entry level’ hybrid, not a very delux car. I’d go for the regular Prius, myself.

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Overall Reliability Much Better than Average, says Consumer Reports. The history and condition of this particular car can’t be determined from here.

We looked at the Prius C before we bought the Camry Hybrid. The C is designed to be cheap, reliable, transportation. Period. Great if you want to get back and forth to work with the minimum possible transportation cost. Not great if you spend several hours a day in a car. If this one has not been terribly abused or wrecked, you can reasonably expect trouble-free operation until the batteries start to fail at around 180k -200k miles, and you can usually replace the cells a few at a time as they fail for not much $$. However, if you want to service the batteries yourself, be warned that some of those YouTube videos do NOT follow industry standard safety measures for high voltage systems.

Edmunds says you should expect to pay about $6000 at a dealer for maintenance over the next 5 years, and about $3000 for repairs. That’s about the same as a regular Prius and Corolla S with the CVT transmission. From a cost standpoint, it doesn’t look like there is anything unusual compared to other Toyota cars.

The circle of owners I know have to do the same level of maintenance as other Toyotas. Regular oil changes and follow the schedule. The 2010 Prius in the family has only needed normal wear items in 11yrs.

One of my musician friends has a Prius C which she has owned for several years. When there are only three of us traveling 15 miles each way to play in a concert band, we often make the trip in her Prius C. There is room for 2 French horns and a Tuba as well as three people. I have ridden in the front passenger seat and the back seat. I am 6’2" tall and I am comfortable riding in the Prius C.
My friend has had no problems with the Prius C in the four or five years she has owned the vehicle.

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