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2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid hunting for gears

my car hunts for gears when topping a hill? cruise on or off

Please explain. How can a CVT hunt for gears it doesn’t have? Not being funny, just a little confused.

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throttle/trans might be in the transition point where the drivetrain is starting to freewheel as you crest the hill. you might not feel it on level ground when you left off accelerator. could be just the way the car handles it. has it always done this? do you drive this route a lot?

As noted you don’t have gears. Is this a new problem? How long have you owned it?

i think a failing cvt trans could feel jerky or have a slipping sensation. not saying that is the problem but who knows. my cvt trans does bump the revs on hwy from 1800 to 2200 or so when we go up hills. why does it seem to focus on 2200 as its set point?

Are you asking us, or are you telling us?
How would we know what you are experiencing when you drive your car?

would be helpful if OP said it has always done this or if it just started