2015 Subaru Outback - Bad mileage - consumes oil, blue smoke

2015 subaru outback,2.5 l 75,000 miles with poor gas mileage any answers also consuming oil as well no blue smoke noted

The oil consumption issue with Subarus evolved to a class-action settlement. I am not sure what your miles are, 75K or 175K. The coverage extended to 10 years and 100K miles. More from Car Talk on this subject if interested.

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You often don’t see the blue smoke because of the catalytic converter, but that’ll prematurely kill off your cats

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It’s a 2.5i, which would make the mileage 75k. We really need to know how much oil it’s consuming in terms of miles per quart and just how many mpg it gets.

At 60 mph on level highway, the tack should be 1800 rpm, if higher, you may have a transmission problem. The engine will also consume about a qt of oil every 1100 miles on the highway, about a quart every 2500 miles city driving.

If it is consuming a lot of oil, you may need new spark plugs, the spark plug change interval is every 60k and they are not easy to replace.

You should expect around 25 mpg city and around 29-30 highway. Mileage usually drops from EPA est when you replace the tires unless you use the exact same OEM tires.


There are certain Subarus that had badly designed head gaskets. Scotty Kilmer said they bored out the cylinders and the distance between was so skinny the gaskets blew out.

Kilmer says a lot of things. He contradicts himself at least twice a week.

  1. What kind of fuel economy are you currently getting?
  2. How much oil over how long a time and/or distance?

I’m not a Subaru expert, but I want to say a 2015 should have the revised heads so head gasket problems shouldn’t be as prevalent. If you’re not getting any blue smoke, then either your cat(s) are working overtime or you have a leak.