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2015 Subaru coolant loss - pressure check loss 2 pounds in 10 minutes

A few moths ago I bought this car (2015 Subaru Outback) and don’t drive a lot. I’ve noticed that the coolant reservoir shows fluid disappearing. The day after I bought the car the reservoir was 99% empty.

Dealer pressure checked the system and said there was a 2 pound loss in 10 minutes, within their specs so no problem.

I can understand seeing the drop of coolant in the reservoir during a years time. I just watched the level drop in the past 488 miles. My Honda never sees a coolant loss nor did any other car I’ve owned that was in good working order.

The car was sold as Subaru Certified and I believe any found problem would / should be covered under warranty. Maybe the dealer just doesn’t want to find the leak?

So you believe this warrantied? You need to know. Read your warranty paperwork.

The 2 psi loss might be within Subaru spec but you clearly have a problem. One that will get worse. When it does get worse, you will have a record that you brought it to their attention early. Watch the loss and stay on top of it by checking and adding fluid regularly so you are not blamed if the car overheats. Good Luck

I would call the Subaru Customer Service number in your owners manual and ask them what the acceptable loss of pressure/time is. I suspect your dealer is wrong.

When we bought our 2014 Legacy new in 2013, it lost quite a bit of coolant at first. I took it to the dealer and had them top off the coolant for me under warranty. The coolant loss became less over time and eventually after the first year, it stopped loosing coolant altogether.

Subaru has a “conditioner” that is supposed to stop small consumption of coolant. It should have been in there from the factory. The dealer could probably add some if needed.

For more help, go to:

Then scroll down to the icon “My Subaru” and register your self and your Subaru. You can then contact their Customer Service via e-mail. You can also get a 3 day subscription to the factory service manual for about $13.

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Do keep records. My guess is that you are heading for a head gasket failure. This is a huge problem in Subarus and why I won’t own one.