05 Subaru loss of coolant


When I had the 30,000 mile maintenance check for my 2005 Subaru Outback, my mechanic mentioned when he changed the antifreeze not much drained out. He suggested that I watch the temperature and fluid level. Going to Denver over Vail pass I noticed the temperature gage was above the normal half way mark. ? About 2/3, but not in the red. As I drove back down the pass it cooled down to normal. When I arrived in Denver the fluid level was below the bottom refill level. I added water and drove home. I have since driven back to Denver and with an additional 2,000 miles, the fluid level has remained at the full level. My concern is that the fluid has to be going somewhere.

Since the warranty is up at 35,000 I called the Subaru dealer and the mechanic said as long as the fluid level did not fluctuate, not to worry. Could this be a one-time occurrence or could there be other reasons for the occasional drop in fluid? Appreciate any suggestions.


Your mechanic probably did not follow the proper fill procedure which resulted in air pockets (see attached data)
Also did he use the correct coolant? (see attached data 2)


Your warranty is up on the powertrain including cooling system at 5yrs/60,000 miles. So don’t fret yet but keep a close watch and use the Subaru dealer not mechanic to address the issue.

That sounds more like there was a little air in the system that worked it way out.  If that is true, there is no problem. Keep watch on the level, you should do that anyway.