2015 Nissan Rogue blows hot air on the passenger side

My 2015 Nissan Rogue blows out hot air on the passenger side of my car. Driver side will only blow cold air. Of course not under warranty anymore, so on my own. Looks like a recall needs to happen. I will never buy another Nissan vehicle!

Could be something wrong with the blend door or a design flaw.

Here is a similar complaint

Well, I heard back from the Nissan Investigate Team. It seems that their “investigation” is limited to them asking the dealership where I took the car what they found. The dealership had determined that the air mix doors were functioning to factory specs. They also determined by driving my car and another on the lot that the heater systems performed about the same. The conclusion based on that was that the heating system is working to factory specifications. I have learned that the heating system works automatically where, based on the temperature chosen by the driver, the air control calculates the target front air mix door opening angle depending on the selected temperature, intake temperature sensor, engine coolant temperature and rpm, and ambient temperature. However, the dealership tech did not check any of these factors, or did not measure the temperature of the air coming from the vents. According to documents found on line, the air temperature coming from the vents when the heat dial is set to 12:00 o’clock should be 75F. When set to the maximum, it should be 90F. When I check my air temp coming from the vents with the dial set to 12:00, the temperature is at most 50F or 10C. I argued all of these points with the Nissan rep and asked how to appeal their investigation. I also asked that this issue be reviewed by their factory engineers as the dealership was inept when it came to thoroughly investigating my issues and I felt that this is really a design problem. They said the case is closed, they will not consider further action, but I am free to take my car to another dealership for an assessment “at my own expense”. At this point I feel totally let down. I intend to take the issue to newspapers across the country to try to get Nissan to do something about this design problem as I don’t really know where else to turn. Any ideas about how to get them to budge and do the right thing would be welcomed.

No, not for something like this. I believe the warranty is 3 years or 36000 miles so you may still be in the warranty period. Also things break no matter the brand.