2015 Nissan Murano - condensation

On a cold morning following a mild/warm day (using air conditioning) the windshield is COVERED with HEAVY condensation. First 3 years no problem but after 3 years (16,000 miles) problem started. Sounds like a damper is not closing and allowing the moisture on the wet cooling coil to rise up thru the defrost ducts and condense on inside of the cold windshield overnight.
I am sure Nissan knows all about this but they have decided not to address it yet. This is my first Nissan and if it is not corrected quickly this will be my last Nissan.

This could happen to any brand at any time . Things do break or fail to operate as they should. Why don’t you have it looked at then decide who to blame.


3 questions
Are you sure your AC drain is fully open?
Have you tried positioning the airflow control so that it points toward the floor overnight?
Do you drive with the control in the recirculate position?