2015 Nissan Frontier - How to tighten trim piece?

I have a trim piece on top of the cab front center which is loose and I worry water may enter the cab. How do I access the screw(s) to tighten it back down? I’m thinking it is there for optional running light. Do I just pull the dome light console down? Fear of breaking console clips if not done right.

You are concerned that an interior light fixture mounted on the headliner, inside your truck, is somehow pivotal in keeping water out of your truck ? If so, isn’t. Or is this fixture on the actual roof…outside the vehicle ? If it is on the exterior…then there is a chance that the fasteners run through said roof. I would think the mfg would try to avoid that scenario if at all possible, but you never can tell these days. It would be most helpful to see this device, but…

Well simply investigate…look where you think to look inside the cab for the heads of those fasteners…if you do not find any located directly inline with this fixture, then Nissan may indeed have avoided a thru-roof fastener system, which would be logical imho.

If fasteners do happen to go through the metal roof…dont just tighten it up and call it done… I would fully remove this item…and make sure the sealing surfaces are clean and healthy…and I would surely take extra sealing measures in the form of silicone gasket maker or whatever sealing method made the most sense for the situation, before re-attaching it for its final tightening. That is what I would do.

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If it’s outside, I think it’s the satellite antenna. Do you have satellite radio?

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If it’s the satellite antenna, it looks like it is held on with a big nut under the roof.

I think those who suspect the thing on the roof that is referred to as a Shark Antenna might be correct . If that is loose then the OP might be best served by a local body shop to tighten it back up .

Thanks everyone. Yes it turns out to be an XM radio antenna (silly me) . I had to pull down on the map light console to get to the nut and tighten it. I guess I’m an old timer. First vehicle I’ve had with XM installed. Thanks again.