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2015 Nissan Altima - Trans valve

I’m going in for my 60,000 mile maintenance. My mechanic wants to do a transmission fluid flush, but said that there’s an error code related to the transmission valve body, and that doing a flush right now would risk ruining the transmission. He wants to replace the transmission valve body as a result. I haven’t noticed any performance issues, and it’s not an error code that causes a check engine light or for the car to fail inspection. The valve body replacement is covered by my warranty, though I’d still be looking at a $400+ bill because of labor, the flush, and a couple other items. Is this legitimate, or is my mechanic trying to rip me off? I can tell there’s debates online as to whether flushing the transmission fluid is even necessary at 60K, but this seems extreme.

Your car has a CVT. They are not known for spectacular reliability or durability. It used to be that if there was an internal problem with a CVT, that you just replaced the transmission. I guess they might actually try to fix them now. Anyway for a CVT , changing the fluid at 60k is very reasonable IMHO, I would be tempted to go a little earlier actually. I wouldn’t do a “flush”, just a standard drain and replace. Make sure the OEM fluid is used and not some “universal” fluid.

Is your mechanic at the Nissan dealership? If so, I may be inclined to let him replace the valve body. If not, then he does not need to be in there. Letting him do so may void whatever warranty you still have.

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if you remove the lower trans pan to access the valve body you will lose most of the trans fluid. so in effect, you will be doing a trans fluid drain/fill? that being said. if you have a factory warranty than the tech is doing a warranty repair?
i am going to drop pan under warranty and charge you for a flush? huh?

It is a warranty repair, fortunately. I figured that doing both the repair and the flush might be unnecessary.