2015 Jeep Wrangler - Audio issues

am/fm part of my stereo is not working CD and satellite ok stations appear to be on but no sound Replaced antennae but still no sound with radio tuner

Bad fuse, broken radio, volume is turned down, hard to say given the description.

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The volume is fine
Checked fuse that is fine too.
Susan A Hill

Well, then, a broken radio seems like the problem.

YES! it I sad that Chrysler puts defective radios in their jeeps and then wants to sell you a new one for $700.

Susan A Hill

Unless you just REALLY love your factory radio… go to crutchfield.com to see what aftermarket options are available. You’ll be able to get something for far less than $700.

You are not alone- https://www.wranglerforum.com/f202/no-fm-am-radio-reception-cd-and-satellite-ok-2297393.html

There is no reason to buy the sound system from a dealer . Any good sound system shop can put one in for a lot less money and it will have more features . Even BestBuy can do that.