2015 Jeep Cherokee - Suspension work

I was told my lower ball joints and knuckles need replaced on my 2015 Jeep Cherokee which only has 32000 miles. Is this normal for 2015 with low miles? Quoted $2,000 for repair.

I would get a second opinion from a good local, independent shop. Just ask them to check out the front end. Any time a shop,especially one you don’t know and trust tells you some front suspension or steering parts are bad, ask them to show you the play between the worn parts. If you can’t see the parts moving relative to each other, get another opinion.

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I think the early Cherokees did have some early suspension issues but I would get it verified . That sounds like a lot for that work so go somewhere else and have it looked at . What was the original issue ?

Thank you. It was the delalership who quoted the work. I bought the car there and have had all work done by them. But I will have someone else look at it.

It has a lot of popping noises especially turning on a bumpy road. At approx 9000 miles they replaced the front axle because it vibrated. I wonder if that has something to do with this problem.

No. That would be unusual to have this problem at 4 years out and low miles. Unless the vehicle has been driven pretty severely; lots of quick starts and stops, and high speed cornering will stress the suspension system components. Or if driven off-road or really bumpy roads much of the time.

I believe the problem you are having is the front suspension. While that’s being fixed, it appear appears there’s a recall on the rear lower control arm. Ask if that is applicable. If so you can get that fixed at the same time. There’s also a customer interest bulletin for incorrect bolts used on the rear upper shock mounts too, so might as well have that checked as part of all this. $2000 for lower ball joints and both front steering knuckles seems maybe a tad high, but within reason if done at a dealership using oem parts. The front knuckles – just for the oem part – are over $700 each.

Had trusted independent mechanic look at Jeep. The ball joints are very bad. He was surprised. I’m waiting to hear back from Jeep as to whether they will cover repairs.