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2015 Jeep Cherokee - does lemon law apply?

I bought my 2015 Jepp Cherokee brand new with 1 mile on it. My Jeep has been with the Jeep service department since November 26th for transmission problems. They keep telling me that my transmission is on back order. They are hopefully supposed to receive it on the 20th of December. Isn’t there something called the Lemon Law?

If a vehicle is out of service for 30 days or more because of a mechanical failure the Lemon Law can apply in most cases but only during the first year or two, not on a five year old vehicle.

You need to either research Lemon Laws in your state or contact a lawyer that specializes in lemon law cases.


Lemon Laws only apply in the first year or so of ownership. It also means at least 3 trips to the dealer for the same problem which has remain unresolved.

Back orders are a way of life sometimes. A month isn’t bad at all and especially if this is being covered under a drivetrain warranty.