2015 Jeep Cherokee - Dead

i have a 2015 cherokee with less than 40 thousand miles on it. it just went dead. no warning of the battery draining it just shut off no power not even enough to put my 4 way flashers on. i took it to the dealer and a new battery was close to 400 bucks, since the battery was replaced the startstop did not work. it comes up on the dash start stop not working driveres side door is open it also came up start stop not working due to cabin heating or cooling, i turned the ac off and droc=ve it and nothing changed. the drivers side door is and was closed . i read several complaints about this and jeep does nothing to compensate this. tomorrow will be the second time its going into the dealer for the same problem that they could not fix the first time. something should be done by mopar/jeep

I think its pretty clear that the dealership screwed-up. I think its likely that they needed to download new/updated software, and failed to do so.

Personally I would be happy if the stop/start didnt work .

Don’t you mean Fiat/Jeep. And good luck with that.

I doubt that the mechanic that replace the battery would have noticed that the door ajar light was on. Without specific complaints nobody is going to look for problems that are not listed on the repair order.