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2015 Hyundai Sonata - Why does dealer need my car to deal with a fob battery?

I put a new battery in my key fob yesterday and it still didn’t work so I took it back to Hyundai and they checked it out and about 30 minutes later come back out and said,We put a new battery inside and we know for a fact that the fob is put back together properly so if it doesn’t work this time We’re gonna need you to bring the car in so we can check the system out. I had already put a new battery in so I’m confused on why they felt the need to replace my new battery with another one(and didn’t give either of my two new batteries back I might add) and nothing changed. Why would they need My car for a day to figure this out as the second key fob works but My daughter has that one.
I was told by a friend as well as a mechanic I know that if one fob works and the other doesn’t then it’s the fob.
Yes I’m a woman and don’t understand everything there is to know about cars but do they need the car to fix a key fob or are they after $$ in their pocket?

I don’t know a lot about your particular security system, but they may need to do a re-initialization procedure for the car to recognize and accept that fob again. If that’s the case, then they would need to have the car with them.

Yes they need the vehicle and it would be best for them to have both key fobs .

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Because you brought the remote to them and not the car, what else can they do to the remote?

They don’t repair Remote Keyless Entry transmitters, they replace them. The new remote must be registered to the vehicle, you must bring the vehicle in to have the remote replaced.

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Um…I did take the car with me which is why I didn’t understand why they didn’t do anything while I was there. I had the dead remote and the car right in their sight and they did nothing so now I have to go back another day.

It sounds like your car was never checked into the service department, if it were a technician would have wrote an estimate for a repair.

I suspect that someone directed you to the parts department for new batteries, that is the usual procedure when someone has a dead remote. If new batteries did not solve the problem you would have to see the service department.

I was already in the service department with My car.
No one seems to be understanding what I wrote so Thanks anyway

Your first post led me to think you did not have the vehicle with you . Never did you say you authorized a repair and they have to assume that the battery you had in the remote was not new . I still say if you want this fixed they need the vehicle and both remotes .

What was reported on your invoice regarding the inoperative remote?

Sounds like the service department did not have the vehicle to verify the operation of the remote. It may have been in the parking lot but how would a technician be aware that you needed a repair?