2015 Hyundai Sonata acceleration while braking

May 8, 2021 My Hyundai Sonata (eco) while slowly pulling into a parking space ( with my foot on the brake ) accelerated and hit a brick pillar on a CVS store. Has anyone had a similar problem?

I had the brakes go out on a work vehicle, felt like I was accelerating, thinking it was just the expectation of slowing down that made it feel that way

Happens once a month in every type of car down here in Florida during a normal tourist season. That is why CVS and many other stores have those metal poles in front so the cars don’t go shooting into the stores.

I checked safercar.gov, and there are two complaints on the 2015 Sonata for unintended acceleration. Check the website if you are interested, and leave a complaint yourself.

Try wearing smaller sole shoes. Big wide shoes can have you pressing on the gas and brake at the same time.

I remember when the Toyota Camry changed from a cable-actuated spring-return throttle body to the electronic throttle body for 2002. Suddenly, people were having unintended acceleration problems, which sounded to me like a sensor/software problem, which Toyota blamed on driver error and bunched-up floor mats. The problem was widespread enough that a recall was done, among other things to “check and secure floor mats”.

Funny how this was only a problem on the drive-by-wire models. I guess drivers of older models make fewer mistakes, and the floor mats are more reliable. What a joke.

The owner’s manual for our 2013 Highlander still states to “check and secure floor mats” at each 5k mile service. I found that kind of funny. I guess the floormats must know to only get out of position in 5k mile intervals.


Inspecting floor mats became a maintenance item after the run away vehicles, NHTSA penalties and class action lawsuit a decade ago. The class action lawsuit resulted in an additional 10 years of warranty on throttle related parts on Toyota and Lexus vehicles of that era. Toyota takes this seriously, every day we remove thick rubber universal fit floor mats from customer’s vehicles and place them in the trunk, repeat on the next visit.

Very true.

I don’t recall unintended acceleration issues blamed on floor mats prior to “drive-by-wire” showing up. Does anyone recall if it was an issue?

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Maybe it’s the different pivot mechanism of the electronic pedal, not as robust as the old cable pull.

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