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2015 Honda Civic - When to change the battery?

is it time to change the battery when it is 30% left?


I would say past time to change it at that point…

I would change it now, because you are almost at 4 years. If not, i’d have a jump box or some cables ready just in case.

maybe I am slow… what do you mean by 30% left. Left of what?

Thanks so much! Will do. Another $200, ouch!



doh… thanks

Yes, please explain.

The 51R battery for my Honda Civics has cost around $100 at Menard’s. There’s no need to spend $200 if you don’t want to.

It’s time to change when it’s 70% left or in Minnesota when it’s 90% and cold out. Walking no fun in cold and snow.

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30% battery left. Actually when I picked up the car, the picture showed more like 40% left. It seems it’s just a sale strategy by the dealer.

The battery showed 65% life in late July car inspection required by the state, and in only 2 months, its life dropped so quickly. And upon earlier suggestions from you folks, I had it replaced. I know nothing about car, let alone replacing the battery on my own(!), the dealer said $200, what can I do?! Idiots like me will need to save from some other means.

Thank you all for your suggestions and help. You all are a great community :blush:

That’s how batteries die. A slow death.

Here are the results of my battery condition after I did a conductance test on it.

Needless to say, I replaced the battery.


Batteries tend to last 4-5 years, more like 3 years in very hot climates like Arizona & the gulf coast states. Costco seems to have good quality auto batteries. Last time I bought one there was for my truck, think it cost about $80. My most recent battery purchase was for my Corolla, $50 at Walmart. Both the Costco and Walmart batteries are still working fine. Walmart has $100 version and $50 versions. Buy the $100 version if you want the most robust. Prices above are just for the battery itself, not including the installation.

Costco also carries group 51R batteries, in case you’re a member

And if you happen to need it replaced under the free replacement period of 42 months, they won’t ask any questions or otherwise give you a hard time, unlike some other businesses

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My suggestion use a memory saver when replacing the battery.

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