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2015 Ford Focus - Which tires?

What are some quality yet reasonably priced tires?

I had a set of Kenda tires put on my Corolla last year and so far so good. CarX sells them if there’s one near you.

The list is too long to make a recommendation . That is why places like Tire Rack have web sites . Almost all tire sellers have web sites that will let you put in your vehicle and then list the tires that fit your vehicle. Even some house brands will give good service for the price. Of course if you are Sams Club or Costco member you can’t go wrong with their warranty.

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Look at the category ratings chart on Tire Rack’s web site as one good source of input here.

General Altimax RT 43 are top-rated by Consumer Reports in the all-season tires category. I’ve had them on my minivan for a few years and they have been very good: smooth riding, quiet, and good traction in all weather including winter with snow and ice.

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I wait for tire sales in my area, and buy the lowest priced tire for my application.


If you’re after bang for the buck the General RT43’s are hard to beat.

I third it on the Generals. Tire Rack and Consumer Reports also agree.
A high-quality, middle-priced tire.

That is true, but Costco sells only premium-grade tires (which is what I buy), and the OP wants cheap tires. BJ’s has lower-priced tires, so that chain might be more appropriate for him.

That being said, the contractor that operates BJ’s tire centers does not meet my standards for shop cleanliness. Even though they only change and balance tires at BJ’s tire centers, the ones that I have seen looked like the aftermath of the BP oil spill. By contrast, Costco’s tire centers tend to be very neat and clean, but their premium tires may be more pricey than the OP is willing to pay.

In any event–as was previously suggested–the OP should check the tire ratings on the Tire Rack site, and in the most recent issues of Consumer Reports.

Tire great for prit and reviews but the local partner installer is Firestone, I’d go to Costco or the local discount tire first.

That may be true in your area, but my local mechanic’s shop (in the same family for 75 years!) is one of their affiliated installers. I think that this is something that differs considerably from one area to another.

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Not so. “quality yet reasonably priced tires” were the subject.

There used to be more partner shops but not now, I we can buy tires from our mechanic, they’re not as cheap as tire rack but still reasonable.


it’s very much true, but implies a little bit inspired driving habits and/or bad road conditions involved, otherwise it may be overkill

if these are not on the task description list, some cheaper alternatives do exist, like Kumho or BridgeStone for example

Here’s another vote for the General Altima’s RT43 tires. I put them on my wife’s last van and liked them so much, I put them on another car. Good price, decent handling, and reasonably quiet.

My thoughts exactly. I like them on the van. If and when the Honda needs all-season tires (once the winters and summers are done) I would probably get the Generals on it for year-round use.