2015 Ford Focus - AC quit blowing, was ok next day

A/C stopped blowing (fan was still running). It was fine the next day. It does this most times I run it for about 2 hours. It seems like an air door was shut. The ambient air temp read correctly (in the 80’s).

The most common cause for intermittent AC operation is a faulty expansion valve.

This valve regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator which creates the cooling effect.


I suppose that could be a suspect if the blower was still blowing air into the cabin, but it was not and yet the motor was still running. For some reason the air door had closed; next day it ran perfectly again.

In that case, the evaporator may be icing up.

The next time it does this, shut the AC off for a few minutes and see if air starts blowing out the vents.

If it does, turn the AC back on and see if that works.

If so, it indicates the evaporator is icing up.


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