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1999 Ford Explorer - Overheated - Just the start of issues

My car over heated on the freeway to the point it shut off and I was left stranded on the highway…I tried to cool it down with water in the cooling thank and 1 bottle of drinking water in the radiator tank… It was because I had low fluid and kept forgetting to put more in but my car never showed hot on my gages… My car is a 99 but only has 91,000 miles on it… well when I tried to start it I couldn’t because the battery was dead from the flasher… So I went for help and came back 1 1/2 hrs later to jump it and went to start it and it sounded like it was outta gas didn’t seem to be getting any spark. So we tried cleaning the mass air flow sensor I have already done this 3 times prior and might have over sprayed it this time. Then we used started fluid and nothing… Still cranking over slow with no spark… Help it’s all I have and need to get it off the side of the road…

Your gauge never showed hot because there was no coolant to measure the temperature of.

Leads me to believe you got the motor so hot that internal parts have melted.

What ever is wrong with it now, is not something that is going to be fixed on the side of the road, it needs towed to a shop.


It_s_me is correct. By ignoring a coolant leak and not maintaining your cooling system, you are now most likely looking at a repair bill that will exceed the value of your vehicle. But only an automotive shop will be able to make a complete diagnosis.