2015 Ford Expedition EL - Misfires

truck goes into limp mode. Always a misfire code for one of the cylinders. Put a catch can in, and the canister is always full. I have to empty it all the time.

You need a much better mechanic.

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full of what? oil? water? gas?
what codes do you have?
did you install it correctly?
start at 5 minute mark.

The Biggest Problem with Ford’s Ecoboost Engine & How to Fix It: RX Catch Can Installation - YouTube

it’s full of oily liquid of some sort. Thinner than oil, smells like gas. Sometimes it’s black like oil. In the winter it’s creamy because of too many short drives and not burning the water (condensate) out. This was not the case the first miss fire. We drove 800 miles and then we got a miss fire. Yes, the cannister is installed correctly. it is not a hard job. I’ve seen that video before. I didn’t buy that exact kit but something similar.

I took it to a Ford Dealer. 850 miles from home not too many options for me at that point.

What engine? How many miles on it? Which cylinder misfires?
Has a compression test been done? If not, do one or have one done.

The catch can with lots of liquid says the engine has one or more cylinders with worn out rings…a guess since you didn’t tell us much.