2015 Ford Escape - CEL turned off, do I still do repair?

Engine lights came on, but next day went off…anyway on my reg/oil change routine, I happened to mention about the Engine light ( not on anymore) when I got my car back, mechanic tells me that I need to replace COOLANT BYPASS TO BE STACK OPEN RECOMMEND REPLACEMENT
well I haven’t replaced yet…Engine light never came still to today (about 3 weeks)
Do I still need to Replace, like mechanic recommended?

I suspect the mechanic made a spelling error. My thought is she/he meant the valve was stuck open. I can’t say that this is an urgent repair, it might affect the engine reaching and maintaining correct operating temperature. That could cause have caused the CEL.
If the coolant has been not changed since the car was new it is time, have the bypass valve changed out when the coolant is changed.

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