2015 Ford Edge dealer "suggested" maintenance

I have a 2015 Ford Edge I bought used that I have been taking to the dealer for oil changes as part of a package that came with the car. The last several times I took it in they have tried to sell us a transmission flush for 190$ and fuel induction service for 180$. I have declined these each time because I can’t find consistent information about whether these are actually necessary or not. Some of what I have read on forums is that the newer model cars need these types of services due to the sensitivity of the newer sensors as such, but neither of these services are listed on the ford maintenance schedule for this car (to be fair the ford maintenance schedule seem pretty bare compared to other brands).

I suggest people read this, and then decide for themselves.


As far as induction cleaning? You could forego this service until the electronic throttle body starts giving problems.


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If you want to keep this vehicle long term, say at least 10 years, then the transmission service should be done every 30k miles. If it is done on that schedule, then it does not need a flush, just a drain and fill which should cost about as much as an oil change. Every 90k the pan should be dropped and the filter changed.

A drain and fill only replaces about half of your ATF, but that is enough to add enough new additives to keep the ATF fresh enough for hundreds of thousands of miles. If you go 90k before doing the transmission service, then you need the pan to be dropped, filter changed, new ATF added to fill, then flush to replace the rest of the ATF. It must be done in that order to get it all.

As for the induction system flush, if you use top tier fuel, you may not ever need an induction service UNLESS you have an engine with direct injection. Because the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber, it does not clean the intake valves as regular fuel injection (MPFI) does. Then you may need an induction service on some schedule.

Thanks for the info. I do not believe the engine is direct injection and haven’t noted any problems so seems like I can continue to pass on the induction service. As far as the transmission flush goes, I have never had transmission serviced since I bought the car since the maintenance schedule only suggests it at 150K miles. I currently have 70K on it and it had 36K on it when I bought it. I don’t have any service records from before I bought it so I don’t know if it has ever been done. Sounds like I might just need to have them do the full flush?

Hey, looks like that tranny doesn’t have a pan and serviceable filter. So, every 30,000 miles have the shop do a transmission drain and refill. Don’t do a flush, just say you want a drain and refill. They’ll say “it doesn’t change all the fluid, there’s still X amount in the transmission” and THATS FINE. Just do your 30-36k drain and refills with the proper fluid and you’ll be good. Make sure no “universal fluid”, you want the specific fluid listed in your owners manual. Even if your manual says change tranny fluid every 100k, do it every 30-36k. Also, if your Ford Edge is AWD make sure the center transfer case gets drain and refill with the correct fluid at the same intervals.

Dealers make the bulk of their revenue through the service department. They sell numerous unnecessary services. Check out the price for the services from one of my local dealers. So much of it is just inspections.


If you have a CVT, you may not need the service. I have one in a 2014 Subaru and at around 60k, the CVTF (CVT fluid) showed absolutely no signs of ageing.