2015 Corolla wiring gone wrong

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PLEASE HELP ME!!! Heres what happened. I connected my amp to my subwoofer in my 2015 corolla s and accedently touched the remote wire on the negitive terminal on the amp. Now my car wont come out of park, the ABS, Break, steering wheel, airbag and tire pressure lights are on and when i push the shift lock to go into reverse, to reverse lights dont go on. My radio wont turn on. It feels like i dont have power steering. My buttons to ajust the mirrors dont work and when my headlights are on, none of the lights around the radio turn on. Did i ruin my car just for extra bass? Im really panicking right now. All my headlights. Turn signals and emergency lights work. Its just the problems i listed. Please please please help me.

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To @Tairy :

Sounds like you blew a fuse.

Blown fusible link and you quite likely have kissed your factory warranty goodbye as to future electrical problems, computer issues, and so on.

Start checking all your fuses. Most often the main fuse blows first.

Agree that this is likely a blown fuse. But the bigger issue is why put a high end speaker system in a Corolla? I have a Corolla, it is a great car for what it is designed for. But it is not a platform for pimping out.

Disconnect everything and bring it to the dealer and plead ignorance. Maybe even send your wife/girlfriend to take the car in.

You’re condoning fraud…?

Had a battery replaced at whatever zone for my daughters 2002 saturn, memory saver was used, I was impressed and said so, guy says ever since we had to replace the Honda brains to the tune of $1200 because we did not use one we allways do. Just saying you need professionals to look at it, and brace yourself for the worst.

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but b/c so many things are wrong electrically, that means the problem is likely of a simple nature. In other words, probably not a lot of different problems, but the shorting accident created one single problem somewhere. I’m not commenting on the cost to effect the repair, that may or may not be considerable, but I’d be surprised if a good tech couldn’t figure out what’s at fault in short order.

My advice, tow your car back to the dealer and explain just what happened. I expect you’ll be on the road again in short order.

If the stars are aligned and luck is on your side, the problem may be no more serious than a blown fuse link.
These should be in the underhood fuse/relay box and they’re easy to check and replace if needed.

Knock on wood, say a silent prayer, and hope for the best.

@psanzone, doubt any dealer will fall for this. You can disconnect the battery for a year and the evidence will still be in the ecu. It’s a 2015 and will get looked at more closely due to it being a new model. Best bet for the OP is to be honest, if he takes it in, stuff happens and we all make mistakes.