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2015 Civic - Transmission reving up on start

What’s the idle rpm after the engine is fully warmed up, after say 10-15 minutes of normal speed driving? If that’s ok (ok usually being in the 600-800 rpm range), the other stuff is probably nothing to worry about.

After driving 10 or 15minutes the car settles to the proper rpm - around 800RPM.

Please let us know what the service department finds. This is truly odd behavior.

my 15’ civic has a 3/36 bumper to bumper warranty and a 5/60 powertrain. or is it 5/50?. guess the 7/100 is for special people. i like the 7/100 since it has a cvt trans.

Cavell , if I read the Honda CPO site correctly the drive line warranty is extended to 7 years or 100000 miles ( from time of first sold date ) which ever comes first . They also put a 12000 mile or 1 year bumper to bumper on it. I hope the OP does not think he has 7 years from his purchase date.

ah, extended warranty. my car is worth 11k retail. but if i buy it from dealer with cpo than it is 13k? same car, just a longer warranty. at a higher purchase price. right.

That is how I see it also . I know that John Gorham of Best Ride is a fan of CPO but I can think of 2 threads here that someone who had purchased CPO vehicles that had been certified from the local coffee shop and they had problems.

The higher than expected idle rpm during warmup you are describing may just be the way that engine works. I know my friend’s new 2018 Corolla has an unusually high (to me) idle rpm during warmup. My much older Corolla doesn’t do that, and neither does my really old truck. But the manufacturer’s that design cars these day do it that way to avoid customer complaints the engine stalls during warmups. Unless it is causing the transmission to really jerk the car when shifting from P to D, probably nothing wrong. If you are not sure, take it to a dealership and do a comparison between your car and one on their lot.


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