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Noticed car takes slightly longer to start

I have a new battery (about 1 yr old) in my 02 Civic.

I’ve noticed for the past couple weeks, the car takes slightly longer to start. Anywhere from a few seconds (which is really noticeable when you’re used to the sound your car makes every time you start it!) to about 10-15 seconds, which happened once.

It basically sounds exactly like a normal start, only drawn out for a longer period of time. There are no new or unusual noises. Belts were all recently replaced about a month ago.

What could it be?

I’m not sure what other info you might need, but any questions, shoot.

Try this: Turn the key to “on” (dash icons lit) wait 10 seconds then see if the car starts right away. If it does have your fuel pressure tested and the fuel filter checked.

Thanks Missileman, I will give that a shot as soon as I get home.

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