2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD - Brakes so soon?

Had to have rotors and brake pads replaced on truck that has 47000 miles on it. This is a duelly that hauls a horse trailer is this unusual? Why would they go?

Lets see - heavy vehicle - heavy trailer load - brakes doing a lot of work to stop all that weight .

No surprise they wore out .


Brakes are a wear item.
More common to replace at 35,000 miles, rotors might last 70K.
In my opinion, you got excellent wear.


As a point of reference, my 30 year old manual-transmission Corolla’s front pads seem to be good for around 100K miles, rear shoes for about 200k. Apples to oranges of course, can’t really compare a big truck to a small sedan. I’d guess front pads and rotors lasting 47K miles is pretty good for your truck. Especially if it is an automatic. Did you have to replace the rear pads/rotors too? Is your truck a manual trans, or automatic?

Point of reference??? Get serious George . I can assure you Myra is not interested in your old vehicle that you can’t even drive on the streets .

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My 1/2 ton trailer towing truck got pads at pads and rotors at 35,000 miles… so no surprise yours needed it at 47,000