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2015 Chevrolet Equinox - Rides rough

my 2015 chevy equinox rides rough. the suspension seems very stiff and it doesn’t ride very smooth over most roads. is this a common problem as I’ve owned this vehicle for just over 1 year.

May very well have been designed that way. Some vehicles have “stiffer” Suspensions than others. Has the ride changed since the test drive?

Is your Equinox a higher trim, or closer to base trim?

Did it ride like this when you bought it? If it did, why did you buy it?

Why did you wait a year to consider this a problem?


17”, 18” or 19” wheels? I have a 2013 Equinox LS with the 17” wheels. The tire pressure is 35 psi on the door sticker. At the recommended pressure and with 3 passengers the ride isn’t too bad. If it’s just me driving the ride is a bit harsh. After consulting tire load tables and some experimentation I keep the tire pressure at 33 psi at 50 degrees F. The ride is still firm but not as jarring as before.

Ed B.

My 05 rides fine. Our work 2016 rides like a dream. Even more smoothly. I think the ‘16 is too soft, And it has 100k miles

OP, what size tires are on it? What is the tire pressure, measured before you drive?

If it is worse than when you bought it, you might drive over traffic humps too fast. This might also be the case for the previous owner if you don’t do that.

What are you comparing your Equinox with?
Are you comparing this with a car you previously owned?
I could make my 1961 Corvair ride like a dream by riding around for a couple of hours in my 1950 one ton Chevrolet truck and then getting into the Corvair.
First step: buy a tire gauge and check to make certain your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure on the placard on the left door pillar. Do not inflate to the pressure on the sidewall of the tire. That value is the maximum pressure allowed for the tire. If your hard ride occurred after having your car serviced, some tech may have gotten carried away with the air hose.
Speaking of a firm ride, we have a 2003 Toyota 4Runner SUV. The 4Runner replaced a 1993 Oldsmobile 88. The Oldsmobile had a soft ride. One 375 mile trip to visit our son convinced me that we made the right decision in purchasing the 4Runner. I found the firmer ride of the 4Runner much less tiring than the softer ride of the Oldsmobile.
Ride is subjective. You need to use the Goldilocks method. She tested the beds in the house belonging to the Bears. One was too hard, one was too soft and one was just right. Get the vehicle with the ride that suits you.

I don’t think Lawrence is ever coming back to provide us with answers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: