2015 Chevrolet Cruze - One thing leads to another!

Blown Head Gasket which turned into a blown engine

You learned an expensive lesson. By not getting a small repair ASAP, in your case-head gasket, you end up with a major failure.


Lemme guess… bad head gasket caused overheating. Continuing to drive the car while overheating destroyed the engine.

Do I get a prize for guessing correctly?


Or, coolant mixed with oil and seized motor.


Do you have a question?

Wants to know if Chevy will give him deal on new motor

Posters needing to replace a failed engine is a pretty common thing here. The forum search feature will tell you more, upper right this page. If you have some specific questions about replacing your engine, folks here will be happy to offer up some advice.

A head gasket is not necessarily a small repair though.