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2015 Chevrolet Cruze - Manual

To all buyers of Chevrolet Spin LTZ,2015,A.T…Did Chevrolet issued you a copy of OWNERS MANUAL-the maintenance book(not record booklet)?

Here’s one in PDF’s%20Manual.pdf

Hi…thank you for an immediate response, however,our actual car is Chevrolet Spin 1.5 LTZ,AT,Petrol,Model 2015. I kept on posting on the web just in case somebody out there owns the same car and was lucky to have been issued with the said Owners Manual. My request Emails with Chevrolet Quezon Avenue failed with no replies after their initial answer. I suspected there were some irregularities about this car,and CASA found internal Docs on their files. Then still the management has no decisions yet with whatever issues found. Whatever, I m hoping for the best, I m a strong BELIEVER, HE will guide me to find people like you for help.

I am sorry to tell you that the Chev.Cruze model was only selected from the autom.list shown at the blank space intended for the car model, Spin model is not on the list. Furthermore, I found that the Car"s VIN is not listed on any Chevrolet web I had checked.

Again, I thank you and response is very much appreciated…

For a better chance at getting some help here, suggest you change your post’s title from Cruz to Spin. Click on the icon that looks like a pencil, at the bottom of the OP.

I have no idea what a Chevrolet Spin or where it is sold . Don’t you have a dealer for this thing ? That may be your only choice.

Since you want to order a manual, just try a different dealer, I would think the parts department could order it. . I googled it and found what appears to be the manual on line. I could not be sure because it was in Portuguese.
Why issue with the car would prevent them from obtaining an owners manual for you is incomprehensible.

hi…thank you for your response,fully appreciated. However, This Owners Manual U just sent is of different language and engine specification. Surely came from Latin America. Our car was made in Indonesia(as per car internal stickers),engine is S Tech III, designed by Daewoo and Suzuki, 1.5 Petrol,A.T. It is now running on its 5th year, The warranty is almost over. Therefore, the Owners Manual will be my best maintenance guide reference.

Again, T.Y.,Take care, drive carefully always…have a nice day…

T.Y. for ur response and suggestion…Sorry about the misleading car model, this was only selected from the automated list on the blank space provided by model(Spin is not listed)…T.C. …have a nice day…

That’s probably b/c the website software is setup assuming US posters, but we get posts from all over the world here, and posters from all over the world, so no worries.

Thank you for your effort. Just 1 prob.though, I need a translator…My CPU is unable to translate in English. T.Y.

Good luck, as far as I could tell the Spin was produced primarily for the Brazilian and Indonesian market. You are now in Pakistan, correct?
If you are going to be there for a long time perhaps trading it in on a vehicle more common in your location is the better option, if dealers or local mechanics can not assist you.

Sorry…no plans to be in Pakistan or in the future,maybe in M.East again if given the chance to work,but for now here in P.I.

U R correct, it is made in Indonesia. FYI,a good samaritan just mailed me a copy of the Owners Manual,though it is with Indon.text

I may use it for a while till I find an English Version. T.Y. and drive safely always.