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2015 Charger AC system problem

Hey guys, I have a problem with my entire ac system. So a couple months ago, I was having problems with my AC system not blowing cold, and the blower motor making a ticking sound. Took it to the dealership, they found the issue. They told me I had a leak from the evaporator that was making the air blow warm. The blower motor rattle cage was going bad as well according to them. They wanted to charge around 900$ for the fix. I didn’t have the funds at the time, so I saved up over the winter since I wouldnt need it.
Now, the AC system does not work at all. No hot/cold air. The heater worked perfectly before today. Now nothing.I can hear the system kick in and try to start but nothing.Could I have damaged something by not getting it fixed and just made the entire problem worse? Ideas?

Sounds like the entire blower assembly needs to be replaced now.

That’s disappointing. I asked them if I could damage it more by just running the heater over the winter. They said it would be fine, just the ac wont work. Sounds like that option came back and bit me in the ass.

Yeah, most likely

The blower motor was on the way out when the car was at the dealer. It has now left the building.The repair would be the same at either point in time: replacement of the blower motor.

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A leak in the A/C system won’t damage the blower motor, if the blower motor has failed, have it replaced, it is not related to the leak.

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Well things just got more interesting. Went to the store this morning, now it blows hot air perfectly fine. Didn’t work at all yesterday, now it magically works again. I did absolutely nothing.

That is a classic sign of a failing blower motor.

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