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One of the two keys gets a message on the screen when driving that states the key is not present. The car can be started with the push button start, doors locked and unlocked with the key.

Have you tried going to your dealer? Your keys might just need to be reprogrammed.

Not yet, this just started tonight

This problem is usually caused by a weak battery in the key. There may be enough power to send an unlock signal but not enough for continuous communication with the vehicle while running. With many cars because the function of the smart key is important battery replacement is included in the maintenance schedule at 18 months/15,000 miles.

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I changed the batteries and made sure everything was in place and secure. The key works and I did not get the message on a short trip. I hope this is the fix, thanks. If the electronic key does not work, can a mechanical key be used?

The mechanical key can be used to unlock the door.

To start the vehicle if the key battery is dead there is a slot in the center console to insert the key so the vehicle can pick up a signal, then push the start/stop button. There are instructions and a picture in the owners manual.

Thank you.