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2014 Toyota Verso - Oil Pressure Warning Failure

I am writing to you to seek your attention and assistance to address my concern. First accept my apology because of reaching to Toyota US. But I couldn’t find any relevant costumer service mail belonging to Japan headquarter. The worst point is that there is no way to express my complain as TOYOTA Japan doesn’t offer e-mail addresses for its customers.
I’m an owner of Toyota 2014 Toyota Verso 1.6 D4D(BMW) Diesel from Ankara Turkey. I would like to bring my complaint & my experience about the Toyota Verso & services I’m facing to Toyota Japan.
I drove this car at around 110000 Km and after expiration of warranty I sent my car to service outside Toyota center. After service I drove my car around 800km and without any engine oil warnings I noticed the sound of engine was changed and I towed the car to authorized Toyota Service BOROVALI at İzmir, Turkey. They said that engine oil filter O-ring seal was not mounted to the filter, so engine ran out of oil by leaking gradually (1 liter oil left) and engine was broken. I asked them to check electronically my car to address my problem that engine oil warnings didn’t work. They replied me that manually they witnessed that they didn’t see any warnings on the instrument panel and after electronical check also there was no problem regarding the engine warning systems. All system on my car working well and my cars computer logs have no record. They didn’t give me any satisfactory answer for the engine warning system failure.
I fully understand the starting cause of the problem was human error. But the big question was, Why the engine oil pressure and engine oil level warning system didn’t warn me? If it would have warned me, I could take necessary preventive measures to protect my engine. As you know this type of warning systems installed every type of engine not only car but also every type of vehicles (aircrafts etc.) to prevent any malfunction irrespective of the cause.
I have filed complaint with customer service at Toyota Turkey, 08 Jul 2019 regarding:
Car Model: Toyota Verso 1.6 D4D (BMW) Diesel Engine
Local Register Number: 06 FH 6154
Engine Number : N47C16A74568939
Defect : Defective Diesel Engine ( Engine oil monitoring system not working)
I asked them to answer my big question Why the engine oil pressure and engine oil level warning system didn’t warn me? And requested to inspect my engine to find out what is the problem. So, Toyota can address and fix the problem and save many customers who bought this type of car using without any awareness of the problem. But unfortunately reply from Toyota Customer Service Turkey was rude, they didn’t give any concrete reply and they didn’t accept my requests and they said engine was not covered within the warranty the car wasn’t serviced in Toyota Center. However, I believe this is related to the engine warning system as I mentioned above.
To repair it, I need to pay around 10,000 USD at full cost to replace a new engine. I suspect that the cause is just human error. I checked this type of engine problems around my circle, everyone has the same complaints. Mechanics whom I asked they said this engine has manufacture based problems and not reliable. So, you cannot fix it. You should replace a new engine. When I sent my car to service ALJ Toyota Ankara, Turkey to fix this problem, they advised me to replace a new one. This made me and mechanics right about my suspicion for this engine. I am sure you will agree that in view of the above problems was not of acceptable quality for Toyota standard.
Above all Toyota put me and my beloved family lives at risk because of the engine system failure. I am lucky that didn’t happen any accident during my 800 km drive with my family. But what about the others, will they be so lucky if you cannot address this problem?
I have enjoyed the Toyota Verso and I always trust Toyota as a reputable brand. I am very disappointed with the lack of interest I am receiving regarding this issue. It certainly doesn’t entice me to purchase Toyota car in future.
Consequently, for the sake of other innocent people/costumers I kindly ask you to check my engine problem and fix all around the world who using this type of engine. Please compensate my loss by replacing my car with the same make year and model or replace my engine with new one as soon as possible.
I sincerely hope Toyota will address my problem and request. I trust the efficiency and speedy resolution of Toyota customer support in assuring my request will be attended without any further delay.

Sorry , but your post on this site will not help you at all . The Toyota dealer near you can provide contact number and they should be in your owners manual.

Your type of Toyota and engine are not sold in the US. Most cars, including Toyotas sold here do NOT have an oil level monitor. The oil pressure monitor will warn you of low oil pressure if your engine is worn but still full of oil that you are having a problem ,but if you are losing oil, engine damage can occur before the pressure drops low enough to trigger the light.

If this happened in the US, Toyota would not cover it here either. You would be seeking a new engine from the shop that left the O-ring out, and with evidence from the Toyota dealer you would probably win.


Dear oldtimer_11
Thank you very much for your valuable comment.
My car have both oil pressure monitor and oil level monitor system according to its manual.
Apart from oil pressure warning, before losing oil till 1 liter left inside engine while I am driving it should trigger the warning system. Unfortunately didn’t.
This is why I am questioning. Engine has no problem after computer diagnosis. If so wherever you are Toyota should cover it. Because this is directly related to engine systemic failure that responsibility falls on Toyota.
For your info dealer who left the O-ring out repaired my engine at no cost. But After 1 month later the same malfunction occurred and my car waiting new engine to be replaced at Authorized Toyota dealer.
Even Authorized Toyota dealer didn’t want to take responsibility to repair it. They advised to replace the new engine.
According to my understanding they refrain from giving repair guarantee because of it is unreliable and manufacture based systemic problematic engine.

Dear VOLVO_70
Thank you very much for your reply.
My aim is to inform people who have the same type of engine. By doing so awareness may increase.
I would like to stress that I have doubt about Toyota Turkey Marketing & Sales Inc. that they are going to have thorough review of the situation. Because at first they rejected my complaint without any investigation.

As said , this is mostly a US based site and your engine is not sold here . You need to find a Toyota Forum that is local to your location if you want to reach people

In the US, you would have legal recourse against the shop that installed the filter incorrectly. You’d be wasting your time and money going after the vehicle manufacturer. The leak was slow. Their manuals suggest checking oil level periodically. Doing this you would see the oil level going down over time and add oil to prevent damage. Then figure out why it’s leaking. If it ran low, irrespective of warning alarms, you failed to check the oil level as required. They will win easily with this defense. Go after the shop and hope they don’t use the same defense…