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2014 Toyota Corolla - Should I worry?

After 30K miles and four years,I had a recall…a change in the computer that controls a valve in the transmission.I asked the Toyota car mechanic why did it take so long and has it caused any damage in my car. He said they had not noticed it until cars were at 110K, so if you did not notice it, you don’t have a problem. Your thoughts? Should I not worry ir should I expect a problem later?

Don’t worry about it.

If you have a problem you can fix, fix it. Then you don’t have to worry.

If you have a problem you can’t fix, worrying does no good.

My wife is the designated worrier in our family because I refuse to. 90% of what she worries about doesn’t come to pass and I can’t see that worrying has helped the other 10% at all.

Very few complaints from customers on that car and a great reputation. Sleep easy. Here’s some details if you want to feel better. Generally, cars with big problems have dozens of similar reports at this site.

Sure you can worry, but why? If it not going to happen why worry, if it is going to happen worrying will not change it. Toyota’s in general and Corollas specifically have a legendary reputation for longevity. Take care of the car, change the oil, keep up on the maintenance and the car will serve you well for a long time .