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2014 Subaru Forester - Dash display

I can’t Read the tach, speedometer, and the fuel gauge on my 2014 forester duringthe day. No illumination. The dealer says that’s the way it is. Is this the best it is going to be? John

The dealer is full of you know what. I have a 2014 forester, and the dash display works fine. There is a control on the left that adjusts the level of brightness of the display, have you tried adjusting that?

But during the day, you should not need that, ambient light should be enough.

Are your headlights on? I leave mine on all the time. Try that.

I took a look when I was just in the car, and you are correct, the daytime display is difficult to read. Same was true of my last car. I guess I got adjusted to it. Nothing you or the dealer can do.

I’m not sure why you can’t read the display but with the headlights off or in auto, during the day the dash lights should be on full brightness. If you have the headlight switch in the on position, it will dim the dash lights to the night time level. The night time level is controlled by the brightness knob on the dash. If its not working this way, the dealer needs to find out why.

Just curious, this is a 2014 and the problem is just now bothering you?

Are you wearing polarized sunglasses?

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I’ve only noticed this once in bright sunshine but if you have the headlight switch even to the 1st position with the tail-lights and dash lights on you can’t read the gas gauge but turn it back to off and you’re fine. At least on my 2015. I normally don’t have a problem and haven’t noticed it lately in this run of sunshine we’re having here in Washington State.

Kind of makes me wonder if someone’s playing a prank. Kind of like the old days when you could turn the radio volume all the way up without the key - sometimes they’d jump out of the car when they started it…

As far as I can tell, the dash lights are off under those conditions. Although I’ve always thought they should operate as you describe.

You could be right but during daylight, the dash is perfectly clear and easy to read. The daylight over powers any dash lighting. But during twilight or at night with the headlights off (DLR mode), the dash lights are very bright and cannot be adjusted. With the headlights on (on or auto) the dash lights are whatever the dimmer control is set to.

Definitely not true for my car, the dash lights are not visible in twilight conditions, but I usually have the headlights on under those conditions. I’ll check with DLR sometime in the next few days.

Catch 22? Turn the headlights on under poor visibility conditions to enable you to be more visible to other drivers, and lose dash lights. DLR does not turn on the rear lights, so I don’t consider them useful under poor visibility conditions