2014 Subaru Forester - cvt transmission

Hi All,
I have a 2014 Subaru Forester and it had 6 miles on it when I purchased it. From day one, the car rolls backwards. This typically happens after the car has been in reverse and placed in drive, the seconds it takes to move my foot from the brake pedal to the gas pedal is when it happens. Generally, this would not be a problem unless I am backing out of a tight parking space and there are cars behind my car. I recently noticed that it also happens when I am stopped on a hill, it’s that second or two from the brake pedal to the gas pedal… rolling backwards.

The dealer said that the car has a CVT transmission and this is normal. What you all think? I checked the internet and there is nothing out there on this. I didn’t realize that when I purchased this car with an automatic transmission that I had to drive it as if it were a standard transmission. Help. Are there others out there with this issue?
Thanks all.

Most new vehicles will do this regardless of the automatic transmission involved including the CVT. If you are stopped uphill…the newer vehicles have a tendency to roll back. I’ve noticed this on all makes and models that I have a chance to drive. It’s time to change your driving technique because leaving a vehicle in (D) drive is no guarantee that it will not roll backward when you release the brake.

On inclines I put my left foot on brake pedal, right foot on accelerator, give it gas when time to move and let off brake. Problem solved.

Actually this is a pretty common complaint about CVT’'s on Subaru’s and others rolling backwards on hills. The main suggestion i’ve found is to not rely on the Transmission to hold you in place but let off the brakes with your left foot while you apply the gas. A traditional automatic might not roll back as much but it still can roll.

I also have a 2014 Suburu Forester. Mine rolled back once. Not sure if I shifted wrong. I’ll keep an eye on it. My problem is it takes 1 1/2 second for drive to engage. Suburu says that is acceptable. A real thrill when backing out with traffic.

Test drive another one at the dealer, see if it does the same thing.