2014 RAM 2500 - Turbo failure

2014 Ram 2500 6.7 Cummins
Went to dealer with a check engine light. The dealer said I needed a new turbo/actuator and the NOX #1 total cost $7,000+. My truck had 94,000 miles and 63 months so technically it was out of warranty by 3 months. The problem is the slide in the turbo gets stuck due to the ingestion of engine gases (EPA crap). I contacted FCA directly since It was just out by 3 months and less that the 100,000 mile warranty. At the end FCA covered $4,000 and I paid $3000 for this repair. In my opinion this should be a recall or at the very least Ram should institute some sort of maintenance schedule to clean the turbo at 50,000 miles to avoid failure.

Recalls are only issued if there’s a safety issue.

The vehicle doesn’t have a safety issue.


I’m sorry this happened to you…

But… stuff happens in life. :man_shrugging:t2:

Interesting problem. Did the dealer replace both the turbo and the actuator? (If my neighbor’s Ford is a clue, the actuator cost him well over $1000, before labor.)

This is an interesting article. Apparently Cummins has a recommended cleaning interval. Apparently many owners don’t read the supplement manual, but your dealer should have recommended the procedure. The article also tells how to help keep it from building carbon, by operating the engine brake regularly.

It is popular to add power boosts, often by simply remapping the computer. He says this is one reason for early death. (I assume you’d want to have the actuator serviced more often.) The local dudes with their rolling coal trucks might be paying dearly. I guess the Prius owners get the last laugh. :smile:

Yes, but when dealerships recommend certain service procedures that vehicle owners have never heard of before, there is an immediate assumption that the recommendation is not really necessary.

Since a whole lot of owners never bother to read the regular manual, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised if they also fail to read the supplemental manual.

Yes both turbo and actuator were replaced along with the #1 NOX sensor. I’ll look into Cummins recommendation
Since it was never recommended by the dealer.

Ah, looking further, I couldn’t find a specific on Dodge. However, it says some mfgrs have a cleaning at 67,500, others simply an inspection (optional). If yours was the latter, I think the second inspection is 100 to 120K.

You’d think Dodge would do a better job at making this clear. Something this important should not be left to chance. My dealer tracks repairs they have done and makes recommendations. When it’s worded as a suggestion, I’ve skipped some.