2014 RAM 2500 transmission and u joints

2014 6.4 liter-had camshaft and lifters replaced with 177800 on this engine, intake valves on #3 cylinder weren’t opening obviously, changed oil at regular intervals, didn’t replace plugs at 100000 miles did so when multiple cylinder misfires started happening and engine malfunction light came on also indicating loss of prime and low line pressure in the transmission. 4x4 MDS mega cab. Failed transssion & u joints on drive axle. Was there anything I could have done to prevent this as the u joints are sealed and the transmission filters and fluid are the only things in the transmission to be serviced or replaced? Thank you. Had 195900 on this truck and will cost the better part of 5900.00 when all is done

Probably not… The cam shouldn’t have wiped the lobes at 178K but things do happen and I don’t know how hard this truck was worked, the frequency of oil changes nor the quality of oil you used.

You didn’t say how often you replaced the transmission fluid and filter but I’d not go more than 60K between changes for a hard working truck. U joints are cheap and easy to replace for the most part. Most ignore them until they fail and getting 195K on them is pretty good. Same, really, for the transmission.