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2014 Nissan Sentra Problem

Just bought this car last week. My last car was a 2011 Maxima and before that a Murano so I am use to the CVT bu this cars shifting seems to be off.

I have noticed the front end rattles a little when idling. Also there is a noticeable violent shift/shake a certain points when it shifts…usually when going about 20 and stepping on the gas fast. It does not happen all the time and that is what I’m worried about because I am bringing it for service and I’m sure they will say “we don’t feel anything”. Believe me something is not right. I think the dealer would have to drive the car for a while to experience it. It happened bad when I went up a hill this morning.

See if you can get it to do it for the dealer.

Then if they say it’s not a problem, take one of their other 2014 Sentra’s off the lot with the service advisor and take it for a drive and see if the same thing occurs with that Sentra.

If not, there’s a problem with your Sentra.