2014 Nissan Pathfinder - Keep or trade on?

2014 nissan pathfinder- is it worth holding on to it or swapping out for other brands? I recently bought a 2014 pathfinder, so far its good. Interior lights don’t work otherwise it is driving just fine. Heard about transmission issues in 2013-2014 pathfinder and hence bought extended warranty off market. Is it all really worth it in the long run? I’m thinking of exchange with another vehicle.

Chances are the aftermarket warranty is not worth it.
To extend the life of your transmission get the fluid changed now using the correct Nissan specified transmission fluid.
As far as the interior lights, have you checked the fuses? What was the sellers’ explanation?
You already bought it, “exchanging “ it for another vehicle will probably result in an immediate loss of several thousand dollars.
But, it is your money, who am I to say how you spend it.

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Thanks. I changed the fuse but didn’t help. Took it to an auto repair shop they did the diagnostics to find out that this problem could be repaired only at a Nissan service center. I am taking it on Monday and will do the transmission service as well.

Why read about issues after you buy it? Why not research it before you buy it? What service do you have to do in order for warranty to cover any trans issues? Are you confident warranty will fix issues? That’s if you have trans issues? If you “return” it, can you get refund on warranty?

Did my research thoroughly. Historically, surveyed at all the models of the pathfinder and 2014 did not have maximum problems. Wanted an affordable large family car and this fitted the needs perfectly. CVT was introduced in 2013 and hence had a lot of problems. The carI have has no recalls as suggested by VIN check. The seller has agreed to fix the interior lights problems free of charge.