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2014 MINI Cooper Clubman - Question About Service Requirement

I enjoy your article every week in the Sacramento Bee. (Please don’t publish this- they probably read your column also.) I bought my 2014 Mini at CarMax a year ago. My initial visit to a European Auto Service agency for a (expected) high cost service (oil change) and inspection… They found “High Moisture Content” in both brake fluid and A/C, with recommended costly flushes of each. I’m trying hard to give them benefit of doubt, but skeptical (high profit items?). I’m naive- is this a greater concern in European autos?

This IS a thing for both domestic and European autos. Brake fluid should be changed every 3-4 years or when a tool that measures moisture in the fluid is higher than 4%. Do it, it will save you money in repairs later on.

An AC flush? Never hear of such a thing. Maybe they mean a coolant system flush? Yes, the car is due for that, too.


Thanx for your response. I was told the brake fluid moisture was approaching 2%. (should I get one of those $11 sensor tools?)

AC flush – my term for draining the cooland (freon?) and recharging the AC system.

(“Excessive moisture would contribute to early failure of expensive AC components.”)

You bought a high maintenance vehicle that needs to have all scheduled service done by the service schedule in the manual . And yes , have the brake fluid service . As for the Air Conditioner a second opinion from a actual air conditioner shop is needed.


Sealed system so how would moisture get IN to the system?? I have never heard of this. I’d be looking in your owners manual in the “service” section to see if this is listed. If it is not listed, get a second opinion.

I paid a bit more for mine but sure, go right ahead. I’d still do the flush, the car is 5 years old and 2% moisture content.