Brake Fluid Flush

So I mentioned in passing that I needed a brake fluid flush (my plan was to put on my own brake pads, then get them to flush the brake fluid later at the shop when I got my next oil change) around a couple of people where I work and they told me it was completely unnecessary.

I have a 2005 Mustang with 108K miles on it, brake fluid has never been changed. In the summer months the brakes feel slightly spongy, so I figured the dirty fluid might be a contributing factor. What do you guys think? Obviously as far as the owner’s manual goes, I’m overdue for the flush.

Yes, it is necessary. Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air and over time the moisture contaminates the brake system. Do what the manual says. Let your co-workers neglect their own cars.

Dirty fluid isn’t teh cause of the slight sponginess, but water absorption might be. Yeah, flushing with fresh fluid is a good idea. I just did mine a few months back.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Many owner’s manuals don’t discuss flushing brake fluid but I do mine every 2-3 years regardless of mileage.

Spongy feeling could also be a little air trapped in the brake line, bleeding/flushing will help this.

Now the question is, do I let the guys who tried to charge me extra for the service for having anti lock brakes (when I, in fact, do not have ABS) do it, after nicely pointing that out, or do I let someone else do it ha ha.

No, find another shop if they charge extra for ABS. There is nothing different about Ford ABS than non-ABS other than it may hold a couple of ounces more fluid which costs $7/quart.

But mostly, find another shop because this one is trying to charge you for ABS when you don’t have ABS.

There is a bit of a trick to flushing the brakes on a Toyota Prius.

I agree with David. I wanted to add that I strongly recommend avoiding chain shops and especially quickie lube shops. Patronize an independently owned and operated independent shop. And since these guys apparently didn’t even check to see is you had ABS definitely avoid them. It takes all of two seconds to look under the hood and see.