2014 Lincoln MKT vibration

If that’s your take on it, then don’t use it. Carrol Shelby has never signed off on any product besides his Cobra, and the Shelby Mustangs. This America, you’re free to choose.

oh, at least I’m good to have my “alternative facts” then :slight_smile:

My used engine oil is recycled, so the environmental impact is nil. Just bc every car manufacturer recommends 5-7 mile oil change doesn’t make them right. They have an agenda, They’re job is to sell new cars.

Tell that to Kellyanne Conway…


Ah, you caught that, Exactly. There can only be “The Truth” Kelly Ann Conway be damned.

And if they have engines self destructing in under 100-150k miles due to 5k oil changes do you really think they’re going to remain in business over the long term? You’ve had great results, however Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc have literally hundreds of millions of miles of testing done by their engineers saying that 5k mile changes will not harm your engine.

Did you add it to your oil? Then it’s an additive.

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Whatever, believe what you like. I think we’re done here. :+1::us:

Ok, I looked at the product and it seems to be a safe/harmless cleaner type of additive…
cleaning buyers pockets too :slight_smile:
at least it is unlikely to make much harm, but probably it is as good as cleaning agents already in any modern quality oil.
the worst thing it would do is diluting oil and making it less wiscous, not a big concern given it low volume

The same to you. Clearly I’m not changing your mind, nor are you changing mine


Every single oil additive is getting accompanied by the same kind of marketing materials… so this video proves essentially nothing.

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The first time I saw his endorsement, I was shocked and saddened. I never thought Shelby would endorse a product that was falsely advertised. Nothing soaks into a metal. The molecule size of Z-Max is simply too large to enter a metal between the atomic bonds. It may wet the surface well, but it does not and cannot soak into the metal.

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Then why not do every 1,000 miles…why is 2500-3500 the magic number?

You “know better” because you’re thinking back to decades ago when manufacturers recommended that interval. But it was still a manufacturer recommendation, just like the 5k miles (or more) is today. Did you ever stop to think that garages may also still recommend the 3k mile interval because it means more $$ for them?

There are countless examples available online of people who have sent used oil with 5k, 7.5k, 10k, etc. to independent lab testing facilities who confirmed that even at those distances, the oil still had life left…do you also “know better” than these labs?

I was on this thread for no more than 30 seconds, and the amount of incorrect things that you and Mike09 “know” between the two of you has already raised my blood pressure…


Do what want, I’m not recommending that everyone do what I do. 2500-3500 is what and how and when I’ll change my oil. That’s set in stone.

Then we’re done here.

You don’t agree, so move on, we’re done here.