2014 Jeep Compass hesitates before rollback

I have a Jeep Compass 2014 2.0 cylinder with Standard transmission. When starting out after stopped at a light the car does roll back but only after four or five seconds has passed. What causes this hesitation? Whatever it is I love it. And so does the person behind me. It does have a sealed clutch.

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Not sure why you love the roll back sensation :confused: . It sounds like you are not letting the clutch engage quick enough . If you have a parking brake lever between the seats just set it and when ready to move you can ease off the parking brake as you take off .

Hi Thanks for your response. Not sure if I stated this in my original message. When I am stopped at a light and the light turns green I release the clutch, hit the gas and take off. The car does roll back but only after a five second delay. I love standard transmissions. The days of popping the clutch and stalling are long gone. Thanks again. Phil0267.

No vehicle should roll back when in a forward gear when the clutch is released.
Makes no sense, has it been doing this since new?


Hi!!! Ok now I see the confusion. With the clutch pedal applied (aka to the floor) and the car is in first gear I have noticed when I release the brake pedal my car starts to roll back only after five seconds has passed. The car only had 20000 miles on it when I bought it in 2015. Its a 2014 model and I love it. Thank you for your reply…

Driver error . You just are not quick enough with the clutch and gas pedal .


That is the Hill Start Assist feature, it holds the brake for a short period of time.


Phil says the vehicle is rolling backwards , oes that mean he has the Hill Holding feature turned off?

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The hill holder is either turned off or is not engaging.
I have never had a vehicle with a hill holder so never “experimented “ with one. Allowing a car to roll backwards is careless.

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The HSA system is designed to help the driver accelerate the vehicle from a complete stop while on an incline. If the driver releases the brake while stopped on an incline, HSA will continue to hold the brake pressure for a short period. If the driver does not apply the throttle before this time expires, the system will release brake pressure and the vehicle will roll down the hill as normal. The system will release brake pressure in proportion to amount of throttle applied.

The following conditions must be met in order for HSAto activate:

• The vehicle must be stopped.

• The vehicle must be on a 7% or greater incline.

• The gear selection must match vehicle uphill direction (i.e., vehicle facing uphill is in forward gear; vehicle backing uphill is in REVERSE gear).

• For vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, the HSA will work in REVERSE gear and all forward gears. The system will not activate if the transmission is in PARK.


Hi…Thank you so much to everyone who has replied. One said I was being careless and allowing my car to roll backward. I laughed when I read this because they took the time to reply to this message board. And in my heart I knew I was not being careless. So thank you to all who replied. I never knew my car had a hill stopping assist. and it never occurred to me that it was part of the braking system. This is why I love the internet. Many thanks everyone!!!

If a car rolls back 3 inches before you reapply the brake, this can scare the Dickens out of grandma.

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I would be very surprised if this valuable information isn’t contained in your Owner’s Manual.
Have you perused the manual recently?

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You described the hill holding feature, as you’ve learned. You’ve also discovered that it releases after a few seconds - the latter was news to the ‘other driver’ in our family who assumed it would hold forever…

Hi Ken2166…I almost laughed when I read your response but I realized what your family member did could have led to a serious accident. I pray this did not happen and only good things for your family. Have faith…

Now that you know your vehicle may have the Hill Holding feature has that solved your roll back problem ?

Hi I never had a problem with roll back. That is because I learned from the very beginning to be quick on the gas to avoid rolling backward into another car and causing an accident. Be safe and hang in there…

I would not like to be behind the OP at a stoplight. Light turns green, waits five seconds, allows car to roll backwards before driving forward.
I have had several manual transmission vehicles, 3,4,5 speed transmissions, one 3 on the tree with OD, light turns green, release the clutch and go. Come to a hill, downshift as needed continue going.

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Your original post said your vehicle rolls back after 4 or 5 seconds . Now you say you never had a problem with that . If you know how to start off without a problem then why the question in the first place . Of course you have not said if your Jeep has the Hill Holding feature.

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I think he discovered–belatedly–that it has that feature.

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