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2014 Hyundai i25 seemingly related ignition and stuttering issues


I own a Hyundai Accent i25, 2014, engine is 1.4l.

The car has two faults that seem related to one another, I wish to fix it myself and would appreciate the member’s help.

a. The Engine requires around 3-4 starter attempts for full ignition - starter makes usual noise and seems operational.

b. When fuel indicator shows 3/10 tank or less, the car frequently stutters at low velocities (ie coming out of roundabouts), this disappears on higher velocities.

The battery was tested for charge and discharge, all fine.

Any opinion would be highly appreciated.

Does “a” only happen when the tank is 3/10th empty or all the time? Next time you start your car, turn the key to “start” (without actually starting the engine) and hold it there for about 5 second. Let go of they key and then attempt to start your car.

Could be a weak fuel pump on its last legs. Stuttering when coming out of a roundabout or taking sharp turns could be caused by the sloshing of the little fuel in the tank and the pickup tube not able to suck in fuel.

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+1 to @kurtwm1 I agree with his assessment.