2014 Honda CR-Z - Roll away

My wife was in an accident involving our 2014 Honda Cr-V. The car was parked and in gear when it rolled away causing my wife to be injured. Has anyone else had these issues? What has Honda said about this situation?

From your owners manual, looks like they say “ALWAYS SET THE PARKING BRAKE”

It’s so important they even say it twice.


Matt , the chance of someone who has had this same incident seeing your post is slim. You should have your insurance carrier look into this . Also check the official government recall web site and see if your dealer has any work updates for this problem . Also answers are a little hard to give when you don’t say more about this accident.

That’s terrible. So sorry to hear that. I follow these types of things pretty carefully and have never heard of the CR-Z having a defect. Honda sold very very few, so there may be a defect just not known. You can report safety issues like this to NHTSA to help others.

Parking brake instructions also apply to your manual transmission Honda, per your owners manual.
When Stopped

  1. Depress the brake pedal firmly.
  2. Firmly apply the parking brake.
  3. Move the shift lever from (D to (P.
  4. Move the shift lever to (1 or (R. 4. Turn off the engine.

Without some sort of clear indication that there was something mechanical that failed, your chance of Honda accepting responsibility is small. There are just too many ways the blame the operator.

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“Parked and in gear” - do you mean in park, or some other gear?

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Because of the discrepancy between the title of the thread and the content of the thread, we don’t know whether the vehicle in question is a CR-V or a CR-Z. And then, there are the other unknowns…

What exactly does “parked and in gear” mean? If this is an automatic transmission, and it was in “P” then it wasn’t in gear, and should not have moved whether or not the engine was running. If this is an automatic transmission, and was in “D”, “R”, “N”, “2”, or “L” then of course the car will move if you take your foot off the brake, even if the engine is not running.
Anytime you park on an incline, you should use the parking brake, and not rely on the transmission alone to keep the car from moving.

There are software updates for the computers, so make sure you have all of those. Seems unlikely to be related, but there’s a tsb for the keyless ignition system where it says power mode “on”, even though shifted to P and engine shut off. That’s caused by a mis-adjusted shift cable apparently. Worth having it evaluated anyway. TSB SN 13 5 1