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2014 Honda CR-V stutters like rumble strips

My vehicle has started -‘studdering’ is the best way I know to describe it - when acelerating mostly. I am wondering if this is a transmission problem. It is as if I am on the ‘rumble’ strips on the side of the highway.

Bad wheel bearings will do that. See an independant mechanic ASAP before it get worst and you loose a wheel.

The CR-V’s front wheel bearings are infamous for being noisy and failing much earlier than they’re supposed to. You’ll know when you have a wheel bearing going bad by a growling noise that is similar to very loud tire noise. It will get louder as you go faster, and may even wind down to a grinding sound if you’re moving slow enough. Bad wheel bearings are very easy to check for, and can usually be found during a routine tire rotation. That doesn’t make them cheap to replace though.

That “rumble strip” sensation is usually associated with failure of the torque converter lockup mechanism in the transmission. However, it is more typical for that sensation to be felt when driving in the 30-50 mph range, rather than when one is accelerating.

I suppose that failing wheel bearings are also a possibility, but I believe that the aforementioned transmission problem is more likely. In any event, the OP needs to have a competent mechanic evaluate her vehicle.

Please note that “competent” excludes chain-run operations like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, or–God forbid–AAMCO. A well-reputed independent mechanic’s shop is the place to go for accurate diagnosis, fair pricing, and competent repairs.

Thanks - vehicle in shop as we speak! I appreciate your input.

You’re very welcome, Beverly.
May I request that you return to this thread, in order to let us know what your mechanic found?

Yes - I will let you know! Thanks again.