2014 Honda Accord Sdn - Valve adjustments

Does a 2014 Honda EXL Accord V-6 engine require periodic valve adjustments, and if so at what mileage intervals? I get different answers at every dealer. Some say it should be done as early as 45,000 miles; others say 100,000 miles when the timing belt is changed. Still others say wait until the valves become noisy. I suspect some of them are just trying to inflate the maintenance costs for added profits by recommending a costly procedure that may not be necessary.

That bit of info should be in your owners manual. Honda cars apparently vary between the 4 recommendations you got from mechanics. 50K, 100K, timing belt change, noisy valves.

They are trying to be proactive and SAVE you money. Poorly adjusted valves can cause very costly repairs. A few hundred is peanuts compared to new cylinder heads.

If it were mine, I’d choose 50K miles or so. If the car really only has 45K miles on it now (you don’t say) I’d wait until the 6 year timing belt replacement to have it done as you are coming up on that shortly. Yeah, shortly. 90K miles OR 6 years, whichever comes first.